Gifts For a Traveler

Ok, lets face it, travelers can be picky! What you think looks great for travel may not work for them. Not that they are un-grateful, but there is a reason for their pickiness. Be it for comfort, weight, size, functionality, etc. So what do you get, and what do you stay away from when getting a gift for a traveler?



Here are some things I think are pretty generic, and most travelers can appreciate!

Battery Bank

Battery banks are pretty small now, light weight, and hold larger charges. Older styles may not charge as fast, but having power on the go is critical for phones, cameras, tablets, drones, etc. There are plenty to choose from and all pretty cheap. (I also get them for older people to charge their phone if power goes out, good for emergencies!)

Water Bottles

I have a few water bottles, they all do the job, so its not something I need to have specific. Its always good to have one when traveling for long flights its hard to get drinks sometimes. After security check they can fill it up at a drinking fountain to have plenty for the flight and trip later.


Here are things to absolutely stay away from!


Though it seems like a good idea, especially when they can be expensive. Backpacks are not a great gift for a traveler. Travelers are very picky on how the pack is arranged, the size and the weight of it. Padding in certain areas are great for some and cause issues for others.  If you want to get a backpack as a gift, get them a gift card, or take them shopping for one. One size does NOT fit all.

Neck Pillows

I have had the HARDEST time finding the perfect neck pillow. I bought and returned several from amazon. Even with great reviews. Not because they were terrible, but because they did not work for me at all. A neck pillow can make the flight relaxing or give you a headache. These are items that need to be at least tried on before purchasing.