• Thomas Zajicek

2020 recap

2020 was a crazy year for the history books. The year then world shut down. International travel, and in places even domestic travel was ban. I was lucky to see my fiance when PH allowed outbound travel, but this isn't the case for everyone. Businesses shut down, jobs lost, people went hungry. However, this also shows how resilient humans are. Though a terrible year for most, we pushed on. We helped each other, shopped local when we could, and relied on human nature.

Take a moment to recap this year, but really look into the year for the positives too. We can see the negitive from the news. Look back and think.

Video calls are more main stream. How often we would go months or a year without calling our grandparents, now we don't just call, but we video call and see them!

We began to see communities working together to help one another!

It made us stop. With the world today it is so easy to go go go. This year made many of us sit back and look around. Spend more time with kids at home, update some housework that was put off, pick up the guitar or hobby you've neglected over the years, and more.

I hope that people in general when this is done will learn to be more clean. Cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing. Covid or not, it's bad practice. Learn to open doors with the foot or sleeves during flu seasons.

Look back at this year and count your blessings. Try to hold onto the positive things you learned this year and move forward. The year is almost done. I am hopeful and optimistic 2021 will be better 😊

Happy new year to all! Thank you for the support and hope next year to make many more posts!!

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