• Thomas Zajicek

Covid-19 "New Normal" travel

Finally over 300 days later my fiance will be able to visit me! Philippines are still not accepting incoming non essential travel, but lifted outbound. Every country currently has its own rules and regulations around covid. As of now the USA does not require incoming covid tests. My fiance had a few things required by Ph. Health declaration form, travel insurance, and round trip ticket. Here in the USA (JFK airport) she was only asked a few questions. Reason for travel : To see my fiance, How long: 2 weeks, Have you traveled to any other countries in the last 2 weeks :No (since she flew PAL straight flight manila to JFK). She filled out the NYS health form as well. She had a negative result prior to flying. We did the 4 day quarantine and tested out as required. We never received any phone calls or follow ups. We did find out the reasons airlines do not require a negative result is because you can fly into NYS but MUST quarantine 2 full weeks OR you supply a negative result 72 hours prior to flying and then 4 days later test out.

My recommendations are to check the embassies and airlines pages daily. ALWAYS have a round trip ticket, this is the reason i see most people get turned away. Don't disclose any information unless asked. Be prepared, better to have too much and not need it than not enough and get turned away. She brought our noa1 & noa2 k1 papers, pictures of us together, chats, prior canceled flight info, papers from me, ect. but didnt need any of it. Have a mask, and a face shield as most airlines require it.

Hope this helps others, stay healthy and travel safe. Please dont break any rules, as this hurts causes such as #loveisnottourism #loveisessential . Good luck to any traveling but especially to those of us in a long distance relationship!

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