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Happy new year!!

Happy new year to everyone. You can see my 2020 recap here but from here let us look forward to thks new year. Travel is still restrictive as not much changed from one day to the next. But I hope to find some ways to bring you more travels. This does give myself and even you a chance to step back and look at your own area. Sometimes it's easy to see the negitives where you live, but if you look around you'd be amazed how many hidden treasure are around you. Best about this, it's free! (minus gas and some food maybe)

So this year my goal is to bring more videos and pictures from my local area. Though I've seen a billion times. There are many people thst see my area as beautiful, as it may be something they don't have. Just like some tropical areas see beaches as just a beach. But to me it's beautiful.

Here is what I have planned to bring you, be it blog, video, or just pictures.

  1. Finger lakes

  2. Local Waterfalls

  3. Nys State forests

  4. Some tips and tricks

  5. A few product reviews I love for travel

  6. Maybe some local history

Hope you are excited to see what I have to bring! Any suggestions or recommendations please let me know!!




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