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How much to travel to Boracay?

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I discuss how much it costs to travel from JFK Airport NYC, all the way across the earth to the BEAUTIFUL island of Boracay in the Philippines. (Pre-Covid)

I try to add in most of my expenses.

Flights (most expensive)



Travel costs (trikes, ferry, etc.)


This was my absolute best trip ever. I may be biased since this is when I got engaged too! However, I didn't over do the budget and still kept it on a working class budget. We could have saved some money, but we could have spent A TON more! In all honesty, a trip to Florida or Myrtle beach would have cost me more😮! We had an amazing time, and so can you!!

Trip advisor 2021 has Boracay island as number 12 in best beaches in all of Asia!

If you are English speaking, travel here is perfect too. Filipinos generally speak very good English.

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