• Thomas Zajicek

LDR through Covid 2020

Long distance relationships are tough. Not seeing each other for extended periods of time, miscommunication, deciphering a text wrong , trust, etc.. (I'll write an article about LDR pros and cons soon) Now imagine tossing on top of this, shut down boarders with NO HOPE IN SIGHT! Myself and many others endured 2020 troubles as most in the world have, but also include the lock downs to not see your loved ones. Though the groups on FB and Twitter #loveisnottourism and #loveisessential many started off strong and hopeful, as 2020 draws close to an end we see more and more breakups. Just seeing the stories wear on you.

1) Stay calm. Take a moment to just breath.

2) Trust your partner, trust is a major factor in LDR, but 2020 has really tested this

3) Talk daily if you can. Not everyday will be sunshine, rainbows, and 4 hour video calls, but at least in my case just hearing her voice makes me smile, especially after a hard day of work.

4) Explain what you mean if there is mis-communication. With LDR languages and cultures are different. Some expressions are different. Person to person is different. Covid lockdowns make this even more difficult with higher tensions, but try to explain things and make sure what was said is what you interoperate.

5) Stay hopeful. If trust is not an issue, stay hopeful. This will not last forever. Things look worse today numbers wise, but places are beginning to open up. Many numbers around the world are tracing tests. So people with low issues. the death rate is lower and the critical % is much lower. Things are getting better.

6) My final piece of advice, don't be afraid to cry. Even those of you with tough shells, stop bottling it up, stop taking things out on your SO. Sometimes you need to let it out. Even men. Take my embarrassing photo that ill post for the world to see, to know its ok to cry. This is what Covid LDR really looks like. Stay strong my friends. No matter your country, religion, sexual orientation or preference, STAY STONG!

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