• Thomas Zajicek

New Camera!!

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Well I did a thing......

I posted a odd looking photo on Instagram ( )

and had several people dm me asking how I got this photo. I was able to get the GoPro Max on amazon through the GoPro store refurbished for a good deal! I just couldn't justify the full price as it was pretty high, but almost half off for a refurb sounds good since I pay for the GoPro Subscription which covers my cameras under warranty. I really wanted this camera for a while now. With some overtime and working a little side job, I saved up for it pretty quickly. I'm hoping to get some cool 360 footage for videos and pictures. Not so much to make it un-realistic as I want to stay away from impossible shots an average traveler will never see, but to capture footage of what's around that I may miss with just one camera. I plan to stay primarily attached to my Hero 8, but will use this is a nice supplement to get one extra angle!

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