The Philippines

ITS MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES!! One of the slogans used by PH. It's so true too!! Philippines is one of the most amazing places on earth. So much to do and see, it would be hard to do everything in a lifetime even! White sand beaches ✅ Beautiful mountains✅ Diverse ecological life ✅ Historic monuments ✅ Amazing food ✅ HUGE and plentiful malls ✅

My list could go on forever. However, if you asked me, "What's best part of the Philippines?" I'd have to give a non-tourist answer actually, and say the people. Most people speak English. They are for the most part, kind, warm people. They will treat you like family if you are nice to them. Learn a few bits of Tagalog and they will be even more pleasant. Some may be shy to foreigners, but always so welcoming! My advice here is to try and help locals, you want a true home away from home, try out some local dining, grab some taho from the hard working vendors, buy local, try a local tour guide. You wont be disappointed! I may be biased as my fiancé is from here, but anyone you ask will usually give the exact same thoughts as me!